of Prague (2023)

Flávio L. Pinheiro
Assistant Professor (Professor Auxiliar)
NOVA Information Management School, Universidade Nova de Lisboa


My research combines computational and empirical approaches to understanding the impact of the network structure of socioeconomic systems on their functioning. Specifically, I focus on how such networks affect the dynamical processes underlying the spreading of information, diseases, opinions, and behaviors, and how these structures limit agents' decision-making process when they operate over a networked system and take actions over its elements.

I am an organizing member of the Social Dynamics Seminars.

I have a Bachelor's and Master's in Physics from the University of Lisbon (Portugal), and a Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Minho (Portugal). During my Ph.D., I collaborated closely with the GAIPS/INESC-ID in Lisbon. Also, I worked as a Visiting Graduate Student at the MIT Media Lab Macro Connections/Collective Learning Group, where I later joined as a Postdoctoral Associate (2016/18).

Selected Publications